Some of the world's largest companies embrace laughter in the workplace:


Laughter: An effective process to help business growth

Success in any business comes from a productive staff; a happy staff IS a productive staff!

Those that are laughing loudest

Some examples of how the world's largest organizations are wholeheartedly embracing playfulness, humour and laughter. It is the experience of companies like these whose success with laughter inspired this exciting new service for the workplace!

  • 1. Deloitte & Touche:
    This company's belief is that too many hours are spent at work for it not to be fun. Deloitte and Touche therefore embark on laughter initiatives that encourage a more collaborative, supportive, inclusive and entrepreneurial environment creating a culture that is about "enjoying each other, being passionate about what you do, and having fun while you do it!"

  • 2. NHS Tayside:
    This NHS body has recently undertaken laughter initiatives to support their health and wellbeing policies. By training key employees on using laughter in the workplace, the body aims to use these individuals as advocates for laughter at work and spread the idea across the organisation: "[the] programme is aimed at all staff to address issues that affect staff health, wellbeing and safety. It also encourages health boards to work collaboratively, both within and outwith the sector, to develop innovative and effective ways of maximising staff potential".

  • 3. Ben & Jerry's:
    This well-known ice cream manufacturer uses humour in its daily routine by having a committee that arrange monthly activities to reinforce the value of humour at work. Such initiatives have enabled them to "discover that the punch line is not that far from the bottom line [and that] if you want to get more out of your employees, make sure that they are having a good time at work".

  • 4. South West Airlines:
    This US airline strongly endorses the importance of fun at work; from looking for a sense of humour in prospective employees, to presenting organisational results via rap music and videos. This is one organisation that wants "its employees to take their jobs seriously but not themselves".